Hiring an Attorney to Assist With Your IRS Tax Lawsuit

In times of massive tax debt and/or massive tax fraud, hiring an IRS tax lawyer for your IRS audit defense may be your best bet. As the agency’s Internal Revenue Service, the IRS has its own internal affairs division which handles claims of wrong doing by IRS employees.

Hiring IRS tax lawyer for IRS Audit Defense

While most people are familiar with the IRS audit itself, very few know about the steps that follow. The first step is a criminal investigation, which could result in the issuance of an investigative subpoena. Once this step is done, the IRS will need to investigate any potential witnesses and obtain all of their evidence. In some cases, the agency may also require a sworn statement from an employee of the client to support the claim made.

Once the agency has all of its evidence collected, it will then decide whether or not it has probable cause to believe that the client is guilty of tax fraud. This process can take months, which is why it is important for clients to hire IRS tax lawyers who are knowledgeable about how the entire process works. It is important to know what the tax court is like, what the rules of evidence are and what sort of evidence the IRS has available to them.

In many cases, if an individual or company has committed tax fraud and is unable to pay back the debt owed, they will have to file for bankruptcy. The government will use all legal means at its disposal to collect taxes owed, including garnishing wages and property tax liens. This means that even if your bank accounts are current and up-to-date, you could be personally responsible for paying your taxes. When hiring an attorney to handle your case, it is important to find one who specializes in working in bankruptcy law.

As mentioned previously, the IRS also uses its own internal affairs division to handle claims of abuse by tax payers. It has an internal revenue agent’s office and an internal auditing division. Many fraud cases end up going to this department, which is where you might find the person responsible for your audit. Many times this person was once employed by the agency, and there is often no record of such employment at the Internal Revenue Service.

With a good Cambridge lawyer on your side, the chances of winning your case will increase dramatically. It is important that you carefully review all documents relating to your case with a reputable firm, and make sure that your lawyer is experienced in the IRS process.